We are proud to announce that we have developed oil-resistant tape, which has little effect on dielectric loss of transformer oil in oil transformer, and does not emit hydrogen and other dangerous gases. It completely replaces the 3M similar electrical tape 1339. At the same time, there are economical tapes to meet the needs of […]

Hand tearing tape, well known as ESTAPE,  is a kind of pre-cut tape, or which can be torn directly by hand without knives or scissors. Our ESTAPE is widely used in beverage cup sealing, product labeling and hand-made creation.

The ECT tape is a double sided, isotropically conductive pressure sensitive tape which conducts electricity through the thickness (the Z-axis) and the plane of the adhesive (X, Y planes). Provides good adhesion and electrical performance. It can turn any material into conductive material after attaching, then obtains the function of shielding, conducting or electrostatic discharge. […]


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