Hand Tearing Tapes

Hand Tearing Tapes are some type of pre-cut tape, or torn directly by bare hands without any tools. Pre-cut tape, as its name implies, is cut into reserved sizes or shapes according to customer requirements, and then users can use it directly by bare hands. The latter is made of hand tearable plastic film, coated paper or cloth as backing material and coating with proper adhesive by one-sided or two-sided. Users can tear it bare-handed without knife scissors, cutters and other auxiliary tools. Hand tearing tapes are especially suitable for those occasions where metal products such as knives, scissors or cutters can not be used, such as handcraft course of children, workshops with safety requirements, business travel by air, etc.

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Hand Tearing Sellotape

the hand tearing sellotape, also known as tearable plastic film tape, looks very transparent and not yellowing. It can withstand medium temperature, water and moisture. Compared with ordinary carton sealing tape, this hand tearing sellotape has good stickiness and good durability, most convinience is torn by bare hand with free tools.

Pre-cut Estape

The new patented transverse opening tape has a color (red, yellow, blue, green and white) non-sticky design at the beginning of about 15 mm. It is easy to pinch by hand. The remaining part is transparent and with moderate viscosity.

Residue-free Cellophane Tape

The cellophane tape has anti-static property, it is not easy to absorb dust, and be adsorbed together with other films due to static electricity. It has many good features: good peeling force,  transparency,  strong luster, the color after printing is particularly bright, and no treatment before printing.

Black Crepe Paper Tape

Black crepe paper tape has good initial adhesion, thick material is not easy to break, paint is not easy to penetrate the product, then achieves a good covering and protection function. It can be used for the positioning and packaging of parts and components in the production process


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