No Residual Tapes

No residual tapes have moderate viscosity, can be stripped after a few days without residue or ghosting left on the surface of objects. The difference between non-residual tapes is mainly in the base material and the heat resistance. The higher the temperature resistance, the longer the non-residual properties can be maintained. Therefore, if it is necessary to stick for a long time and then peel off the tapes, you should choose the high temperature resistant tapes with no residuse to ensure that there is no residual during peeling.Sometimes the adhesive tapes also need to have solvent resistance and corrosion resistance, for example, the tape is used in electroplating protection, screen plate fixed occasions. No residual adhesive tape is widely used for sealing, marking, shielding protection, temporary fixing and other purposes daily life or in the factory.

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Cleanly Sealing Tape with non-Residue

Cleanly sealing tape without residues, designed for dust-free room or clean room, can be sealed and packed separately, which is easy to unwrap,with low electrostatic concentration on unwrap,  waterproof and moisture resistance, wear resistance.

Removable Filament Tape

High performance unidirectional fiber reinforced adhesive tape, with good adhesion, high tensile strength, coated with improved glue, can firmly adhere to metal surface with a small amount of oil stain; replace the similar tape of 3M, TESA and SLIONTEC.

Transparent UV Resistance Tape

Transparent UV Resistance tape has the capability of short-term high temperature 200 degree, high tensile strength, UV radiation resistance, good adhesion, aging resistance, moisture resistance; It can be used for fixing the movable parts of refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave oven and other household electrical appliances, as well as PCB plate in the process of UV exposure.

Stationary White Fog Tape

Stationary white fog tape, can be repeatedly pasted, will not cause damage to the pasted surface, easy torn by hand , peeled without residual glue. Special materials are not easy to yellowish. Ball pen, marker pen, pencil and so on can be used to write marks on tape. What's more, it is not easy to leave marks when fax is copied on white paper after writing. Good replacement of 3M#810.


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