Tin Sealing Tape without Residues

Tin Sealing Tape without Residues

Semi-transparent and non-reflective one-sided tape, with soft, elastic and moderately viscous back material, used for sealing and fixing of metal or plastic packaging



Tin Sealing Tape without Residues

tin sealing tape is semi-transparent and non-reflective one-sided tape, the tape is coated on soft, elastic, plastic film with residues-free adhesive. As long as the elastic base material is stretched slightly when it is pasted, the tape will retract a little after it is pasted, thus ensuring the sealing effect. Tin sealing tape is used for sealing and fixing of metal or plastic packaging such as Cookie cans, tea boxes etc.  It is especially suitable for opaque or color-printed cans. It can be repeatedly pasted without damaging the pasted surface or leaving residual glue. It is convenient to peel the whole strip without snapping.

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  • Peeled off the whole tape without breaking
  • Non-Reflective with invisible effect
  • No residues after peeling
  • Long for automation


  • Sealing for cookie cans and tea boxes
  • Fixing or packing products
  • General use

Product details:

Type number Base material Thickness Peel adhesion Tensile Strength
7139 pvcpe 0.15mm 2N/10mm 40N/10mm

Invisible tapes, also known as magic tape, recessive tape, don’t mean that the tape is invisible, but mainly refers to the fact that the tape is close to the background and is not easy to be found. There are two types of invisible tape, one is original matte-finish tape, the other is ultra-transparent sellotape or crystal transparent tape. the former, matte translucent tape, or mending tape, is especially suitable for sticking on the surface of printed products and opaque materials because there is no strong reflective effect, so it is not easy to see. The latter, ultra-transparent scotch tape, sticking on transparent, high reflective or self-luminous materials is also not easy to be found, such as glass, Display screen, aluminium foil, high-gloss paint surface etc.

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